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    Ah, alright. Been a while since I last looked into the FrameXML regarding this.
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    Im getting the same thing, When i go to talent switch a little pop up comes up saying DBM is disabling something and I have to disable it to re spec. Anyway around this , or is this DBM clashing with Wow UI?

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    As has been said plenty of times: /reload
    No need to diable anything, just click ignore and reload ui.

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    Quote Originally Posted by iNexus View Post
    I do use quite a lot of addons but it seems to be a different one every time which gives the error off. I had a feeling it would be from blizzard's side I just can't believe that this bug is still in the game after years of having it.
    this. The error box states a diff addon (culprit) every time. I've confirmed this with friends/guildmates that have the same error. As many have said, and as my own research has lead me to believe; it's a blizzard ui problem that seems near impossible for addon authors to fix around. The only option is zero addons, which is a zero option.....for me.

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