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    Login problems again

    Stuck in the login screens again. Not just one realm but all of them right now. Anyone else stuck?

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    Not just wow, I can't access Diablo either, and blizzard websites aren't working properly.

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    I'm online, and have full access to their websites.

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    I don't have SC2 up or i'd check that too. Yay blizz!

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    Im having the same issue

    Maybe its a regional problem....Im in NJ

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    I hit latency and tried to reboot. I managed to get as far as a loading screen, but then it went flat. I can't access D3 or the Blizzard websites.

    Edit: Now I'm able to login.
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    And now everything is working again.

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    KY here. The Worldofwarcraft site is loading slower than hellz and i can't get into the forums. Maybe the Mayans were talking about the World of Warcraft ending this year and this is the first sign of the apocolypse?

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    Yup. Same here. Come on blizz get it together!

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    I believe this might be in relation to a certain hop somewhere not working right. I'm in central Illinois and can connect to everything except the southwestern US, easily tested on speedtest.net. My vent server located in Texas is also lagging horribly for me, but anywhere on the east cost or in Chicago is perfectly fine for me.

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    Could be. I'm trying to log into the west coast server farm from KY. But even the wow sites are running very slow. Go figure

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    Keep getting stuck when i try to log in as well

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    Its been reported that this is a Comcast issue in the Northeast.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Role Unknown View Post
    Its been reported that this is a Comcast issue in the Northeast.
    Must be effecting the east coast then, as sis said she couldn't even logout. And we're in the south.
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