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    anyone see the hunter question

    on the front page from the dev. meeting notes

    Q: Hunters are upset that Scattershot can be dodged, while Blind is on a 1-minute cooldown but can’t be dodged. What’s to be made of the disparity?
    A: Hunters and Rogues have completely different toolsets that complement each other differently. Making side-by-side comparisons between class abilities is a good way to become needlessly frustrated. Scattershot behaves the way it does by design; it is a ranged attack and intentionally subject to being dodged.

    had a chuckle, the most burst dps class complaining about a very minor buff to rogue cc

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    I saw... haha

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    I lol'd personally I cannot actually believe the difference in success rates between classes at the moment, warriors are out of control in comparison to a feeble rogue.

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    thats fine! if they want to do that, lets compare their baseline readiness that resets EVERYTHING. to our Prep which is a talent, on the same level as our main mobility spell. that only resets a select few CD's.

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    But but... what about blind? Imagine someone throws dirt in your eyes, then you are disoriented for 8 seconds, but if someone throws dirt in your eyes and then immediately also kicks you in the face, you suddenly can see perfectly again. Great concept ^^
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