Insurgence 10m 3/12 Lvl 25 Guild

We are a guild formed of members that have raided together in various guises and guilds from vanilla. However as we have grown old and seen most if not all aspects of the game our love for "high end" raiding has decreased, therefore we bring to you Insurgence, a non-hardcore raiding guild with high ambitions. We expect people to come fully prepared for raids with classes, fights and patches researched and prepared for. We keep a relatively strict raiding atomosphere to try and keep high progress for low raid day amounts as thus expect anyone applying to take raiding seriously but we do not expect you to be on 24/7 outside of raid times.

We are currently based on Ravencrest EU Alliance Side, generally a very good server with a top class economy.

RECRUITING: Strong DPS Classes (any application considered)

Raiding: Mon + Wed - 1930 - 2300

Contact battletag peb#2162