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    Question about hand of Doom [Demo]

    So, I don't think I'm understanding this talent right. I'm not sure why you would take it, as often you would be casting HoG more often then Doom will go off, so if you're constantly refreshing the duration of Doom on all those targets, won't it never go off?

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    It refreshes the duration via pandemic but doesn't reset the tick timer. So no you don't lose ticks.

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    no it just extends the duration, doom will still tick every 15 seconds, hand of doom just applies doom... thats it, after the first doom is on the target, it will tick ever y15 seconds, as long as you keep doom up on it
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    Oh, ok. That's weird, I wish Blizzard was clearer about that in tooltips or something.

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    Closed. Question answered and Strider provided the right place to ask the question. If you need further clarification feel free to ask in that thread.

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