Obviously what im going to say could be totally wrong and sorry if my English are bad.
I think blizzard did great job with mop but…..
I play elemental shammie 6 years now.i have played and other chars but
Ele was very “intresting” in pvp and i stick with ele.From glorious victory to nasty losing(most of the times)… and always no1 target.
And always(in bgs ONLY.. and I have done loooooots of bgs)
top 2 in damage done…very good healing (self and raid)
And top 5 for how many times I have die..
Insane isn’t it?(as for me I love that)
There is a million thinks you can do and I suppose developers spend hours and hours thinking ….. so im not gonna say what to do.
Just some thoughts about 3 thinks()
1)lighting bolt
Ele shammie was always lets say a machine gun..so simple bullets(2sec casting time for that dmg?) must be strong and not like this
Since lb now has also a recharger role(meaning earth shock)you can also makes it recharge chain lightning(awesome spell with awesome animation and for some years was the trade mark for ele shammie) meaning every cast gives a buff in chain lighting and in 5-stacks has an effect …in 10 stacks other effect..etc..i’d like to see chain lightning no1 spell for ele in pvp.
Or simply lower the casting time of lb through the pvp gear
2)defensive stance
One of the main problems for ele shammie in pvp is that cant take open.
Meaning that I must play defensively at start couse ill be 1st target.
And then find the right time to burst.(if I manage to do this).
So stealth through ghost wolf would solve tones of problems in pvp.
The idea is ” when im out of combat and turn into ghost wolf ill be stealth for 10sec and every cast will break the effect”
The point is to buy some time to pop totems skills(etc) first... since I have so many problems with c.c l.o.s etc
..ele never has time sadly….(enchsment shaman also)
3) earthqueke
Well….i don’t wont to be in a de-bate mode but…..
Im not going to say what other class-specs has for the top tier talent point
(that’s before mop) and im not going to say that the idea(blizzards) was ..here is the top tier spell but don’t take it..its a crap…not nice at all!!!
As for me earthquake must be instant spell and if you want to be more elemental style put two extra effect ..meaning(for the effected target)
a)10% knockback
b)10% run in fear for 4-5 sec
c)gain totally immunity for 4-5 sec
I could say lots more but I already said too much.
The point of all this and is that all dps shamans has one simply question years and years now..