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    Creative Thread : New Playable Model Suggestions

    I am one of those people who were actually disappointed when "suggestion" subforum got dismissed from official site.

    I am pretty sure there are many talented people here with imagination, who can think of very nice ways to improve current models that we play or at least voice what kind of things they'd like to see.

    For example : what kind of beard you'd like to have, what kind of rings you'd like to have/ hairstyle/ what animation would be cool to add.

    For those with certain capabilities they could post here their works, like photo montages, drawings, movies with animations and models, and those you only have ideas to simply post them here.

    I'll post in here those materials I made so far :

    This edit is from 2010 so when WotLK was up. I said that troll females need more variety in more smooth faces, I also tried to do something with hairstyles:

    This is drawing of hairstyle I called it "Head huntress":

    And this are videos I found on the internet :

    I wish troll females had similar animations too :3

    Soon I'll be working on face paint

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    Looks awesome, keep it up

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    EDIT: If a mod please can change the size, I have no idea how to do that D:

    I suspect we more likely will gain a transformation like this :

    To this.

    A change that I welcome!
    Doesn't matter whatever picture I post here, "Scrapbot" will allways infract me for it.

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