Thread: Pet bar bug?

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    Pet bar bug?

    As title says is this some kind of bug or what? On pet bar some pet abilities just dont show up. For example voudwalker's sacrifice or felhunters devour magic just don't show up there. There are in my spellbook but i can't drag them anywhere and cant toggle them to be autocast. Tried to disable all addons and they still are not there in blizzards original UI. I know you can macro them, but i would kinda like them to be where they are supposed to be.

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    Tried to replicate but couldn't. Tried with both Voidlord/walker and Observer/felhunter in all 3 grimoires. No idea what's up for you. I'd say addons but you disabled those, so...

    Only thing I can say to try is making copies of your WTF, Cache and Interface folders and then trying completely clean start. Something might have gotten borked regardless from if you have addons turned on/off.

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    I seem to recall having that the first time I summoned Demons in MoP. Did you try to drag from your spellbook, or your pets? Maybe try both and see if that works.

    If not, and deleting folders doesn't help, GM might be able to.

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    I noticed at the start of MoP all my pets lost their abilities and just assumed it was a change I had missed or a problem with my UI/elvUI. Today I noticed that I can actually drag n drop them back onto the bars if I get them in just the right place before I drop them. To click them I also have to have the cursor in just the right place.
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    To clarify what everyone else has said as I ran into this same issue and tried dragging the passives (if I could find them) from my spell book, here is what you need to do:

    Summon your pet.
    Open your spell book.
    Click the Pet tab on the spell book (you cannot drag pet abilities from YOUR spell book as they are all passives and you cannot pull a passive down to your action bars, you have to drag them from your PETS spell book where the abilities actually reside).
    Drag the pet abilities you want onto your pet bar.

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