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    Spec and PvP/PvE gear for doing dailies in Pandaria?

    I'm ally and my server is heavily Horde populated, so I'm constantly getting engaged by 2-3 Horde at once while doing dailies. So my question is should I run full PvP gear? Half and half? Also what spec? I like destro for PvE but it seems to easily inturruptable in a 1v1 or 1v3 situation. Thanks for any help!

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    I'm not on a PvP server, but considering your situation, I'd go full PvP gear and Demo.

    You don't need PvE gear to do the dailies, they are faceroll anyway, so just use the gear that makes you survive best when up against othe rplayers. As to the spec thing: Demo is a very decent PvP spec when played right, and has, I think, the best survivability if you use the Dark Apotheosis glyph for when things get really hairy. Worst case is you won't be able to kill 3 hordes while in DA, best case, they can't kill you either or take so long they don't take the time to engage you again. Besides DA, while questing you'll be high on fury most of the time, so you'll be more easily able to burst at least 1 opponent down before you get forced to choose between survival and damage.

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