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    What Are You Thankful For?

    This can apply to people of countries who do not celebrate this holiday of Thanksgiving.

    What are you Thankful for?

    Me? being in University with a lot of good friends.

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    Usual stuff really.

    A roof over my head, a steady reliable income that meets my needs and a little bit more, parents not too far away.
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    Nothing. I'm pretty greedy.

    Nah but I always hate when my family asks this question before we eat thanksgiving dinner lol..

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    My girlfriend I don't deserve to have. My upcoming book, hopefully a way to support myself without having a 9-5 job. My mom and my brother. Sorry I'm depressed lately.
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    I'm thankful that I don't have it any worse than I do now.
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    I'm thankful for not having to celebrate useless holidays like thanksgiving.

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    I'm thankful that my kids/husband are all healthy and happy. I'm also thankful for the roof over our heads, the food in our bellies, and the heat that keeps us warm at night.

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    I'm grateful i was born in the best part of the world, west/northern Europe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GennGreymane View Post
    What are you Thankful for?
    There is so much I'm thankful for. My home, my kids, a great job, mostly keeping up with the bills, a car that still runs, a PC that can still game, living in a country where I have rights, and defends those rights. Hell, I'm even sort of thankful for my wife... Sort of.
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    Thankful for living in the country which i do.

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    That I have enough money not to want for anything non-cosmetic.
    That I have a job, and live in a "safe" part of the world.
    That I am eating a super tasty dinner

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    Thankful to be alive and thankful my parents raised me so well.

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    That fibre internet is finally available in my area! Good bye 400 kb/s downloads!

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    Thankful for living in Flanders, Belgium. That's about everything. Thank you, great black lion on the yellow plains. I don't like hens anyway.

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    I am thankful for my wife and baby girl, I am thankful that my health has not tanked anymore (I have lung a heart disease from chemo and radiation I had to go through when I had 2 bouts of hodgkins lymphoma stage 2). I am thankful for my friends and everything I have in life

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    My two front teeth, two arms, two legs, two testicles and a solid head....

    ....on top of my shoulders.

    Oh, and a sense of humour and a family who didn't lock me in the cupboard or anything.
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    I'm thankful that my father didn't pull out.

    and for dota 2.

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    I'm thankful for everything I have, right now, knowing how other people are.
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    Something im not thankful of is the damn hiatus all my series appear to be having atm... Damn thanksgiving...

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    I am thankful for having intelligence above the average person.

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