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    Running wow on 2nd monitor?

    Hey guys

    didnt see a technical forum so thought i would ask here...

    I have dual monitors, they are different aspect ratios so i need to use my secondary monitor to stream wow in a proper ratio.

    Problem is it seems to insist on loading on my main monitor with the awkward resolution...

    I run windows(fullscreen) setting so i can use the other screen whilst playing, i tried running just windowed and dragging it across, that works but then i have the stupid top program bar which i dont want (ideally want full screen as it was on main screen)

    Is this something I can do? or do i have to put up with the bar across the top when playing on a secondary monitor?

    Thanks guys!

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    Go into the System menu and change the drop down box for Monitor that's in the top right.

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    i did that but it didnt seem to switch anything : /

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    Did you log completely out of WoW when you did that?

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    I had the same issue and would run the game in Windowed mode and once I had each session in the monitor I wanted I changed each one to the correct resolution for each monitor and switch to Windowed (Fullscreen).

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