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    A Mage in my guild got it in LFR tonight. When I look at just Warlock gear in the dungeon journal it shows up for me.
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    i can confirm that it is part of warlock loot as well as i got it on my lock yesterday from the lfr. it might not be optimal due to the spirit, but its better than the wand from elegon as i use demo a lot when i do dungeons and dailies.

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    Was playing with a friend lock and we both got it yesterday in LFR. Spirit ftw.
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    I just looted Un'sok's Amber Scalpel with Spirit as a Warlock in LFR...

    This forum doesn't allow me to post links, so...

    If you want proof, my Character Name is "Мексег", EU/RU, 90 Human Warlock, Razuvious server. You can easily find me in the european WoW Armory. I'm wearing Un'sok's Amber Scalpel.
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