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    How do you transfer from escrow to your account?
    only subscribers can check out from escrow.

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    Hmm... they have updated the faq and Odegon might be right about that. I was taking my info from a Q&A awhile back this makes it sound like you can't access the extrea credits at all =/

    Originally Posted by SWTOR
    As a Free-to-Play player, is there a limit to the number of Credits I can save?

    Yes, a Free-to-Play character has a limit of 200,000 Credits. Once your character reaches the maximum amount of Credits, any further Credits earned will be retained and visible on the Currency tab of your inventory (press [I] to open). Retained Credits are not automatically accessible.

    Please see for more information on Credit limits that may apply to your account.


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    Thanks Odegon and Arlee for checking that out!

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