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    abandon my dk for pvp

    should i roll a warlock or a mage.dk blow everyone can kiting and dk cant kiting anything for 3s

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    1) Learn English
    2) Come back and ask you question in an intelligible manner
    3) ???
    4) Profit

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    nice arrogant reply but not everyone can learn 3 speaks

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    Death knights aren't as strong as mages right now, but you can easily get to at least 2k with them unless you're a bad player.

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    Neither of you are being particularly friendly (op and first response).

    You can easily understand what he meant, ad you must understand that not every single wow player in the world will speak perfect English.

    At any rate - don't abandon your dk so quickly, you can succeed with it but if you insist Mage might be a good place to head.
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    Just go blood and troll people.

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    i'm dw frost with blood tap for stack necrotic,frost rune howling blast,unholy dnd or plague strike.i'm 4th in 2s and in 3s we will hit 2.1k but i dont think we will be gladiator for feral,holy pally.
    i leveling a warlock atm because they didnt get a nerf in 5.1

    sry for broken english btw

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spammer of the Horde View Post
    Just go blood and troll people.
    There's always this.
    Regen#1804 need NA overwatch friends.

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    I main a warlock.

    I enjoy my DK in pvp MUCH more than it in MOP, and I'm

    a) Someone who dislikes playing alts in content my main hasn't "done" - I don't like earning pvp accomplishments on an alt that my main doesn't have, nor throwing away the progress I've already made
    b) Someone who hates melee classes in pvp

    I still enjoy my badly geared DK alt over the way warlocks play in pvp right now, how anyone can want to swap from a DK to a 'lock baffles me.

    If you insist on changing class, I'd take a mage over a warlock when it comes to pvp.

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