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    17" gaming laptop request.

    A friend recently requested that I help her find a "gaming laptop". I don't keep up on the "gaming laptop" market, as I normally do not recommend them. However, she is split 50/50 between work at a camp in the mountains and her home which is 2 ish hours away.

    Anyways, I figure it does not hurt to ask for help.

    Budget - $1000 (will "pony up" if needed should something exceed budget by a bit)
    Display - 17" at her request, no specific resolution in mind.

    She does medium end gaming mostly via steam(we're not talking BF3 ultra). Obviously I want to help her get the most bang for her buck gaming wise. She will not be purchasing anything for the next 2 years, so it has to last at least that long.

    Suggestions welcome, thanks in advance.
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    I own a G74SX-BBK8 and have used a G75VW-DH73-3D quite extensively and would suggest any version of those models [G74SX or G75VW series]. Adequate cooling during heavy use, enjoyable workmanship and solid framework, there's not much bad about them other than their sheer weight (as a gaming laptop, it's slightly more than normal but completely acceptable), the asus liveupdate feature can glitch giving you a permanent update telling you to change the BIOS, and possibly the speakers being sub-par for some users. All in all I am very pleased with the purchase.

    With a 1k budget she won't be able to afford more than a mid-range gaming laptop but with the right deal it could equate to a lot.

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    This, Sager NP6175
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    have a brand prefer or avoid?

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    small list and lots of them are open box ones (reason for them being in budget likely old demo models from a store)
    15" would be easier and more available.

    edit: filter options 17", top price 1150 listed, select dedicated GPU and 1920x1080 +- 10 models remain of which 6/7 are out of stock/discontinued.
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    I have an Asus g75 for travel, lan parties, or lets face it gaming from bed. It's pretty good, it can play anything on medium and higher. It's in the $1000 ballpark.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Amsden View Post
    I have an Asus g75 for travel, lan parties, or lets face it gaming from bed. It's pretty good, it can play anything on medium and higher. It's in the $1000 ballpark.
    I second this, though I grabbed the G74Sx. Haven't found anything it couldn't handle at @ least medium settings. Most run on High, some (bf3 in particular) I run on Ultra. They have a good overall design, though slightly thicker than most laptops, but that's do to its cooling setup.

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    She doesn't live in Alaska, does she?

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