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    Fellowship of Azeroth(Kargath)10Man Raid Team

    Fellowship of Azeroth on Kargath-US is looking to recruit experienced raiders for our 2nd raid team. The first people on this team (Megl, Kastiss, Dudist) already have experience in defeating the first 4 bosses of Mogu'Shan and are currently working on Elegon. Currently we are seeking 1 main healer, a tank (preferably with a DPS off spec), and a mix of 3 pure ranged DPS/melee DPS. Before being accepted you will be test via heroics. If you are on Kargath than send a mail to Megl, Kastiss, or Dudist and/or simply reply to this thread. If you are not but are considering transferring servers once you find a raid team then reply to this thread and we will get your battletag so we may test you on heroics cross servers. Please keep in mind that we are looking for people who will be available 3 times a week (we will be figuring out exactly when once we know when people are available) and who will be there- nobody will be getting sat out for other people. If you have plans on a raid night however you may let us know.

    Currently we have-
    -1 Protection Warrior tank
    -1 Frost Death Knight
    -1 Holy/Disc Priest
    -1 Shadow Priest
    -1 Fire Mage
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    Were also trying to get all 8 raid buffs for the raid to make it as optimal as possible. So plz reply if interested.

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    I am online now on my warrior tank Megl on Kargath US if anyone wants to ask me a few questions.

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    Still looking for experienced raiders who want to raid with other experienced raiders!

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    Updated to include a Fire Mage and Shadow Priest! Welcome!

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