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    World of Logs question: Wind Lord's Wind Bomb

    I want to identify which players are setting off Wind Bombs in our raid group.

    I've gotten as far as searching for the spell ID in the expression editor (spellID = 131814) to make a list of players but I don't know if those are players who were actually responsible for detonating the mines. That's about as far as my WoL abilities go. Is anybody able to help me identify who is setting these off?

    Here are the logs for the night in question:

    Note: a standard search in the damage taken/buffs/debuffs tabs merely reveals how many times players have been hit by the spell, which means it shows every time every player is hit by it. I just want to know the 15-30 or however many times that players walked into the mines and detonated them.

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    I'm pretty sure that you get a chat warning when someone sets it off. Works on Spirit kings shields, Garalons crush, etc too. Just read that?

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    I don't believe the activation is recorded in logs; just the damage. I picked through the logs, but there's nothing there that I could find. The damage and spell source is an unknown entity, the Wind Bomb NPC does not show up, and there is no trigger spell.

    A mod like failbot or ensidiafails is your best option aside from honest raiders...
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    I have no idea how to use WoL, but use EnsidiaFails addon, it will yell who will detonate them.

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    DBM wasn't calling out our suicide bombers so I'll get that addon. Thanks for the tip.

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    IIRC you don't need any addon, the game shows it by default, like in the spirit kings encounter.

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    As others have stated it shows up in a chat message, perhaps as a DBM type announcement too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Draigars View Post
    IIRC you don't need any addon, the game shows it by default, like in the spirit kings encounter.
    this, the game will say who stepped into one.

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