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    ELE weighted Stats??

    Hey guys, my GM told me about Mr. Robot, but after checking out armories of the Top Ele shamans in Mr. Robot, the robot tells me that they should be changing alot of stats, so it confused me. Should I be going all Mastery, or just use Mr. Robot and do what ever it says.

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    I suggest checking out the Elemental sticky post in this forum, it's good. Specifically for your question:

    "The end result is that you'll need to familiarize yourself with SimulationCraft and generate plots and/or reforge plots for Crit/Haste/Mastery to observe how they behave. For extra help, refer to our guide here. Stat Plots show the change in DPS with the change in one particular stat, graphed to show how each stat you're plotting compares with the others. For Elemental these plot lines will be fairly close. Reforge plots take longer to run, but show the change in DPS when you reforge from one stat to another, which can be useful for fine tuning your reforges."

    You cannot rely on Ask Mr. Robot if you are serious about your DPS; it's more of a rough guideline and not infallible. You'll have to get comfortable using Simulationcraft to come up with your own stat weights.

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    echo of elements + elemental blast =mastery build primal elementalist haste build

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