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    Is it worth it beeing a goblin resto shaman anymore?

    One of the reasons I race changed to goblin back in cataclysm was to lower my haste soft cap and be able to get more mastery while reforging out of haste but nowdays it seems like its completly a waste since you only need about 400 or so haste to reach the soft cap and its impossible to be close to it, im always at about 1k or so haste.

    I remember that the orcs' blood fury didn't work for healing, has blizzard fixed this?

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    I believe the Orc racial has been changed to now increase Attack Power and/or Spell Power, based on class. I could be mistaken, but I don't think there's anything set up to not work with healing.

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    It's not bad.
    I would choose Orc for the CD. Our play style favors CD managment at this moment, one more CD is more fun !

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    Panda. Double food buff!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kelami View Post
    Panda. Double food buff!
    thing i dont like about panda racial is that if you die in the middle of a fight you completly lose your racial :/

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    troll? berserking is a good racial.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tyran View Post
    troll? berserking is a good racial.
    Plus trolls are awesome.
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    All the Horde races have very good shaman racials; except for Tauren.

    If you're all about min/maxing Pandas would be the best bet for this patch and the next at the very least I bet.
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    Min/maxing panda will give you the theoretical highest output for an extended duration. However I would argue a haste cooldown to be the most beneficial thing for a healer any day of the week. Healing is never a stagnant rotational activity, and there will always be periods of burst healing required, in which a haste cooldowns has a far greater advantage to your ability to keep your raid alive over a stagnant 300 intellect.

    It is the reason I run herbalism, and if I was horde would run troll.
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    By fiber be purged

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