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    Saved to boss, Can I kill it again?

    If i kill a boss in a regular raid can I go back and kill it again? I get a toon saved to one boss and its hard to find a pug that has only the 3rd boss down. I was hoping that I can go back in there and clear the whole raid but I just wouldn't get any loot from the boss I killed already. kinda like LFR does. Thanks for any help.

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    No, you cannot come back and kill it again. You won't even be able to join a PuG that has that boss still up. Only LFR allows you to kill bosses as many times as you want (but you can't loot).

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    No, that's only how LFR works. You will however be able to join a raid that has killed the same bosses you have and continue with that raid.

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    In a regular raid, no. You're only able to kill bosses multiple times a week in lfr, and even then you only get loot once.

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    The problem is that when progression ranking is a concern, you could theoretically just hire a bunch of players who've already killed the boss to make it easier for your guild to progress.

    Also, loot isn't individual, so it makes loot-stacking too easy for motivated groups.

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