I'm not recruiting for a guild, I moved this thread here because it's not allowed in general

Good evening, I'm a very lonely paladin, all of my friends have quit WoW and refuse to come back. Whenever I'm doing dailies/heroics I'm all alone and I get teased by them. I'm looking for a couple (even one is fine) of people that are dealing with these problems as well to join us on our Teamspeak and have some people to play with.

We're a tight knit mature community and play a lot of games besides WoW (I'm the only one that still does) so you'll never be bored! Please save my hide. Contact me in game (IGN Abdollah) or reply to this thread for more information. I don't expect this to snowball out of control but just in case I'll have to note that I'd like to keep it at a maximum of about 4/5 people.

I'd like to add that I prefer 18+, 16+ is the bare minimum.