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    the return of world PvP

    There is always a lot of complaining on WoW forums, and i have had my share (mainly in LFG/LFR implementations), but this time 'm going to give my compliments to Blizzard.

    As you all know Blizzard implemented cross-server zones. And this has been a great, great improvement in world PvP. You now come across a lot of players of your own and the other faction. You have the chance, on PvP servers, to battle them.

    But world PvP brings 1 problem: high levels ganking low levels. Now this is a downside im suuuuurely willing to accept, but it looks like i'm one of few. So what do you think: does this outweigh the benefits from the return of world PvP? Share your opinion.

    I love leveling now. I was leveling in Outland and i constantly got into fights with alliances, at some point i even grouped up with some fellow hordies and we had some nice group battles, in the middle of questing zones. This is what is the most fun about WoW for me (as an experienced hardcore WoW player). Even though world PvP may sometimes be frustrating and imbalanced, there are these epic moments which im sure we all had and we all will have. For me, this is worth all those level 90's that gank my low level toons. Pet battles and world bosses also contribute to this "return of world PvP" as more level 90's are going out in the world instead of flying around and queueing in some faction city. I just hope this is not temporary.

    Share your opinion and stories.
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    It was the first week of the CRZ and some Horde (must of been about 80 of them) came charging into Goldshire killing anything they could so we all got together in SW shouting the Horde is here help defend.. It felt like a scene out of LOTR.

    On the topic of low levels and ganking this is the price you pay for picking a PvP server.

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