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    Razer Synapse 2.0

    So i just bought a new razer naga epic MMO-gaming mouse, the problem i have is that the program that comes with it, Razer Synapse, does not work, i have now registered my email 5 times to try and log in, but no, nothing. i cannot log into it and when i press log in it says my PW/email is invalid even though i know it is right, i also have got the registration email (5 times) still im unable to log in

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    Why do you need to login somewhere to use a mouse???

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    Because this mouse has 12 extra kebinding options to be used, i was hoping to find how i could bind it via Synapse, also why do you have to post pointless posts?

    Anywho it seems i got the verification email now and that the previous ones was something else, atleast it has updated now and i usable
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