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    I really wish flying while dead was in. If you die anywhere near the cloud serpent folks, you are sent to a graveyard on top of a mountain coming out of the ocean, so unless your body is in the water below or on the bottom level of the island with eggs, you're screwed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by naalagaat View Post
    Hi Blizz

    Is it me or am I the only one missing the spectral gryphon when I am dead in pandarian areas????

    I recently died trying to kill a Rare mob on top of the mountain in Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and with no spectral gryphon I could not ress my character at all..

    Blizz, can you guys please solve this so people who can reach mountain tops ress when they die doing quest or trying to kill a rare mob?????

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    Blizzard probably doesn't read these forums! Post on the official WoW forums ffs if that's what you want...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blizark View Post
    Major nanners is in an extremely popular location. On pvp servers dying to him is not rare in the slightest. There's no reason for there not to be a way to retrieve your corpse at such a location. The only places you couldn't retrieve your body in vanilla were areas that you exploited to use. Flying mounts are a normal means of travel and as such, death accommodations should be made by Blizzard.
    Why have graveyards at all?? When you die, you should just go unconscious, have stars circle around your head and then automatically res in 30 seconds.

    Major Nanners is a Lv90 Rare Spawn in an extremely isolated location. There is literally no reason to be on that plateau except to kill Nanners, or possibly kill the water elemental for one of the Golden Lotus dailies. I highly enjoy the idea of places that are accessed occasionally and carry heftier death penalties. Don't want to risk a spirit res? Bring a group, bring a guildie, or just don't suck so much. Just don't go crying on forums to Blizzard to make this more of a monotonous world when there is a clear and reasonable way around your problem. All that said, a 10 minute penalty is nothing. People act as if they should NEVER EVER have to use spirit res.

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    You said there are no reasons, then listed 2 reasons.

    Hefty punishments for dying are thankfully going away. Theyre an archaic relic that never made any sense anyway.

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    it was never added. and ye i agree it is anoying. i had this also several times. not able to reach my corpse.
    and having to wait 10 min for sickness to end.

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