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    Why can't we simply view their progression as separate? World first 25 and world first 10 are equally prestigious in my eyes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mehman View Post
    If it's 25 or 10 DOESN'T BLOODY MATTER. It's about who kills the boss first, not how many people were in the raid at that time.

    I don`t give a hai about it.
    There were too many people there, i don`t need that many to kill the bosses :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Larrabee View Post
    How many 10man guilds can do 25man raids and have the kind of gear that Paragon does?

    How many 25 man guilds a can run 5 25 man runs to funnel gear into their players...

    Geez, the stupidity in your argument is beyond me.

    Top guilds goes the extra mile, does that extra to get all benefit they can, that is why they are top guilds.

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    There is only one Legion.
    There are far less hardcore 10men raiding guilds than 25 men ones, as simple as that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by StationaryHawk View Post
    World of Warcraft is a video game. Any accomplishments within it generally mean nothing.

    If people want to pay attention to who downs what first in any given portion of the world, the world in general, on what raid size or difficulty, let them. You don't need to come into threads to let them know that what they're doing is pointless.
    You act like any achievement in real life sport is meaningful to people outside of this area. I care more about WoW WFs than I do about F1, cycling, football, athelatics and the other 300 different sports.

    And honestly, the term "vocal minority" got way too over used on this forums. Probably the 30,000 or so MMO-C users are the minority compared to the 5-6m subs in EU/US, but we're the RAIDING MAJORITY - thanks.
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    10 man and 25 man are separate.

    Its like saying bolt is the best at 100 meter hurdles just because he is best at 100 meters.... its different races.

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    Considering how many guilds do struggle with 10 man heroic mode HoF and 25 guilds are crushing this place it is indeed very meaningful to be the first 10 man world first HoF clear.

    I also do think we should see it as different competitions. Probably 10 man is harder in HoF and maybe 25 man is harder in the next tier or whatever. Relating them to one another is just not possible due to them being different on a very fundamental level.

    It is probably more appropriate to compare the 10 man guilds to one another and it will be most interesting to see how they do fare for the 10 man world first and how long it takes for multiple guilds to clear that place in 10 man hc.

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    Guys making such threads is a waste of time. How can you say one raid size is more meaningful to get a world first in than another when you are comparing two different populations that prefer two different ways of accomplishing their ends. They are meaningful to the raid sizes they appeal to and should not be more meaningful because the boss may or may not be harder on the other raid size. It's like comparing apples and oranges. People will always view world firsts differently and categorize them into their own ways, and that's fine, but in no circumstance should one way be more meaningful just because you think so.
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