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    Lightbulb people kill people, not guns

    guns are just a tool. thousands of people die every year due to drunk driving accidents. but are we boycotting car companies for all these deaths? no.
    in america, the right to bear arms is in our constitution. it is unfortunate that we have situations where a lone wolf goes on a killing rampage but that is the price we pay for this freedom.

    a lot of us here in america live in rural areas where the nearest police station is 50+ miles away or in cities that have extremely high crime rates. just remember, the police arrive after the crime is committed and the damage has already been done.

    merely showing a firearm is sometimes enough to prevent a crime.

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    1 - There are plenty of threads for this already.
    2 - Tools enable somebody to act more effectively. It is easier to build a house with access to a table saw than it is with access to just a hand saw. Likewise it is easier to kill a person with a gun than with another weapon, as is it easier to kill a multitude of people.
    3 - The right to bear arms, as worded in the constitution is to allow the formation of a militia in the event the government oppresses the people. Modern military weaponry and globalized access to information makes such a revolt unrealistic.
    4 - The idea that the lone wolf going on a rampage is a good trade for the freedom can be countered by the idea that the increased overall safety is worth the tradeoff. Don't try to respond to this with a quote that is misattributed to Ben Franklin because you will get destroyed by people.
    5 - Merely showing a firearm is also enough to cause a crime.

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    2 people get into a fight, if they fight unarmed ppl get bruises but thats it.
    If they fight with guns someone likely dies.
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    Let's keep this to the existing threads, since there seem to be several.

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