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    Annoying targeting "bug"

    Not sure if it's new with this expansion, but this is what happens:
    - I have myself as the target all the time.
    - I cast Powerword:Shield
    - I'm trying to cast it again before the forbearance debuff has expired and it wants me to target someone else.
    - Trying to cast Powerword:Shield again now with the forbearance debuff gone but it still doesnt want to cast, so I have to re-target/click myself.

    This can get annoying in arena, when you might start spamming just before forbearance is actually gone, also happens with druids swiftmend and probably lots of other spells.

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    Yeah, getting this alot with Swiftmend, its doing my head in, i believe there were some macro's kicking about that fixed it but i cant seem to find em

    Hopefully being fixed in 5.1

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