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    Exclamation New player looking for someone to play/level with. (US)

    Heya- forgive me if there is a sub-forum for something like this as my search on here netted a pretty wide variety of things and wasn't sure how to narrow it down any more. With that being said, onto what I'm looking for.

    I recently picked up GW2 and am now sitting at around level 16, you know just played through the first starter zone and whatnot and it's a blast so far. However even with some random guild I joined that is more than active, I just haven't seen anyone too interested in doing some low level stuff with and such and figured I'd try to find it elsewhere.

    I'm by no means wanting to "go go go" and try to hit max level as soon as I can, but I do move from thing to thing pretty quickly.

    Currently my character is on the Darkhaven (US) server. But I wouldn't object to starting over elsewhere if I could find another like-minded individual(s) that would be interested in leveling up and playing pretty consistently either.

    Feel free to PM or post on here if you happen to be interested!

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    I don't think I'll be joining you, due to me playing at random times and don't level tooooo much (mainly just PvP), but you're welcome to add me if you want something to converse with and/or ask questions. I'm not super knowledgeable, but I can still try to help.

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    Lirnda, you wont have to start over if you change servers, Darkheaven is just ur current "home Server" All your characters you make belong to that server. If you switch "home servers" all your characters will belong to that new "home server" So you dont have to re-level toons or anything.

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    Oh that's awesome- so does it work similar to cross realm zones in wow (if you add someone and such?) And thanks irraticate I'll do that . Also thanks for the clarification Zeek.

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    It's not like cross-realm zones. It's pretty much a character transfer, but it transfers all your characters at once. And if I understand correctly, you can do the free transfer once every 7 days.
    I'll PM you my name so you can add me.
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    Oh okay! Thanks for the info you two. Will add you once I log on in a bit. Thanks Irraticate & Zeek for the constructive posts. However still looking for a couple of folks to play with

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