View Poll Results: Is it allright it MoP only has 2 good tiers, or do you want 2 Ulduars and 1 Toc.

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    25 62.50%
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    If mop only has 2 more tiers?

    If MoP only has 2 more tiers as good as Ulduar and ICC instead of 3 with 1 like ToC will you be happy?

    Sorry I know this thread wasn't put together very well, but its late and i cant sleep =/
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    i liked toc so ima vote 2 ulduar's and a toc .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    If MoP only has 2 more tiers as good as Ulduar and ICC instead of 3 with 1 like ToC will you be happy?
    Oh god. Since you said ICC was good. You're going to get so many trolls saying "LOL YEAR LONG RAID LOLOLOL" anyways
    If we had a troll raid like Ulduar. I'd be happy tbh.

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    I'd prefer 3 more tiers with Ulduar-like raids. If there is any like ToC I will quit again, like i did during ToC.

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    Of course I prefer 3 raids over 2.
    ToC was fun on Heroic attempts.

    But I'm expecting a DS type raid and a ToC type raid.
    Can't count on the raid team anymore unfortunally it seems.
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    In this situation thats not an option. Your choice is 2 ulduars or 2 ulduars but a toc in the middle. Do you want a shorter expansion thats good or a longer one thats good but has bad parts. @sdkphoenix
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    That's tough, I guess it would have to depend on the lifetime of the expansion as a whole. I would say no given the life of Cataclysm.

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    Tier tier 8, 10, 11, and 14 were all good imo. 12 wasn't horrible but too small. @ Kuthe

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    most expansions have 3 tiers. they say this is their goal.
    wotlk was the exception and they even said that totc was a mistake.

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    I would be happy with an Ulduar and ICC style raid. I liked them both, but then again Arthas has always been my favorite wow Villain.
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    really hmm, I was hoping cataclysm was the exception.

    @ bals

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    TOC being an afterthought of a raid to sync up with the whole Argent Tournament thing going on makes total sense.

    The gears were all unoriginal palette swaps.
    The entire raid took place in two rooms, with no trash.
    There was no story to speak of. And "Anub'arak was merely a setback" doesn't count here.

    That said they will probably never do it again and if they did I would still prefer 2 better raids than 3 mediocre ones. Mediocre ones create whining threads. I hate whining threads.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chickat View Post
    really hmm, I was hoping cataclysm was the exception.

    @ bals
    first wow: 3 tiers
    bc: 3.5 tiers (SWP was an afterthought)
    wotlk:4 tiers <- admitted that trial of the crusader was a mess up
    cat: 3 tiers

    so no cataclysm was not the exception. it was the rule.

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    It'll be just like Cata. The first tier is loaded with bosses, 2nd and 3rd tiers will be single raids with 6-7 bosses each, both located in completely unimaginative raid designs.

    If we see another raid with the depth of Black Temple or Ulduar, then I will eat my words.

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    I don't like my choices. I'm not sure if you're referring to Ulduar and ICC for quality or because they were more like full tiers of raiding.

    If its the former, then no. WOTLK was by far the worst expansion for raiding. Malygos and Sarth were okay, but Rehash Naxxramas is the second worst raid put into the game. Its better only than the garbage that was Trial of Crusader. Ulduar, while not in any way a bad raid and it was certainly one of the few bright spots of the expansion, was sandwiched between 2 complete pieces of shit which ultimately made it seem even better than it really was by comparison.

    And then there is ICC, which had so much potential and was just a let down. For as "big" as it should have been, it felt very tiny. The different Wings shouldn't have been in the main tower. We should have had to have fought across ramparts to other parts of the citadel to reach the different sections. Like the plague wing with the abomination bosses and putricide...3 bosses compacted into a small area, they could have done so much more with. Sindragosa should have been fought at the top of the tower, in the same area where you fight Arthas, while Arthas watches on for his own amusement. And worst of all, the gunship portion should have never taken place. Just like TOC should never have taken place, it makes no sense. Arthas is supposed to be this big threat to all of the races of the world....yet we're holding tournaments on his doorstep, and we're fighting eachother for the right to kill him as if its a competition. He should be the one using us for his amusement, not the other way around. You never get the idea during the entire WOTLK expansion that you should fear Arthas/Lich King. You more get the idea that he is a Saturday Morning Cartoon villain.

    Now, if you just mean by raid size and depth...then I'm all for it. Like the guy above me said throw us some raids with the size, scale, and depth of Ulduar/Black Temple/Ahn'qiraj and people will be very happy.

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    Believe it or not, I enjoyed ToGC. Except for Faction Champs... I still have nightmares about Faction Champs. Sweaty, shaking, wake-up-screaming nightmares...

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