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    Double On-Use - Trinket and Tinker.. which to use first?


    I'm an engineerer and also have the on-use shadow-pan trinket. My dilemna is in setting up a massive combustion with alter time and PoM.. is the crit better to have an even higher chance to score criticals, or does the int combined with the int from the DM card trinket outweight he bonus crit? im just trying to see which item is better to use first as they are both on 1-min cds.


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    Well for me its quite simple cause the blue int/crit proc trinket sims better and can be used with a tinker.. I just dont use any on use trinkets cause they will devalue the tinker..
    But as to which is better to use on combustion, for me it would be the tinker hands down even if it was a bit more rng..

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    does anyone else have tips or suggestions

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