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    [H] 7/16 <Dark Scion> 10 man LF Healer.

    <Dark Scion>
    Server: Quel'Dorei
    Raid times are Tuesday,Thursday and Sunday @ 9:30-12:30 (EST)

    6/6 Normal Vaults 1/6 Normal HoF

    A Little About Us:

    <Dark Scion> is a guild formed over a year ago composed of many real life and in game friends who wanted to all play together. Our members are roughly between 18-25 years old. We aim to keep our raid team as close and rounded to 10 people so 90%+ attendance is required. As a guild we challenge ourselves to be the best we can while clearing all current content and have a fun time together doing so. While we are not that strict we do ask that each raider stays up to date with their class and performs at the same level as everyone else in the team. We do have some funny and crude humor that happens in raids at times so if your not easily offended and looking for a great guild, with great players and great personality than we might be a good fit for you.

    What we offer you:

    - Provide flasks and food
    - Guild repairs
    - A guild full of friends and raiders alike looking to compete in raiding.
    - Gems and proper enchants to raiders.
    - Loot Council with the raid officers to handle loot.

    Currently Recruiting
    -Holy Pally
    -Resto Druid
    -Resto Shaman
    -Mistweaver Monk

    If interested you can apply online @ www.Darkscion.guildlaunch.com
    Contact me ingame via RealID - [email protected]
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    Still looking for a good healer!

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    Still looking for that right healer!

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