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    Finally killed garalon with one of the worst comps ever, so much skill!

    Took longer than normally, since we don't have the luxury of class stacking or having a good comp.

    We did it with a Prot pally
    blood Dk
    ele shammy
    dps monk
    shadow priest
    ret pally
    holy priest
    healing druid.

    Since most ppl who killed this boss did with easy mode rogue and warrior cleaves, it feels good knowing we went in with the worst comp and killed it

    how hard is Wind Lord?

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    For Wind Lord I would say cc 1 Healer, 2 Melee dudes and 1 who traps... -Cant remember the names of those-

    Bring boss to the middle off the adds, keep cc controlled and aoe boss at the same time, kill ALL adds at the same time abouts, we had healers being at 1% when melee adds were at abouts 15% but it was np as all died within 15 secs give or take. Master this and last phase is just all plaing relatively well. Rogue and Feral tank interrupting healers, me tanking wind lord because of shield slam glyph which removes magic effect (warrior).

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    Well the comp is decent keep in mind Blizzard just hotfixed the boss so rogues and warrior damage will be way lower now. Last time we did it we had about 2 mages, 1 warlock, 1 frost DK and 1 shadow priest. And ofc the boss bugged out as we killed it 4 secs before the enrage timer but he still casted the massive crush. At least we got the GM help to retrieve the loot. Hope the fixed this bugg also.

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    well whn we killed it we had one of the worst composition as well ... only a fire mage that could actually cleave even our warrior was fury . From wht i have seen this fight is more abt not wasting dps on legs if u are not inside the circle and putting less ppl to focus on the legs and more on the boss itself . About wind lord we tried a couple of way and honestly the most harmless adds are the menders all u need to do is to have one tank and one melee just keep interrupting them which is not a hard task as such , we cc'd two trappers . 1 mender and 1 melee guy. Put one dps to focus the trapper while everyone else aoe's and tht should keep their hp's nearly the same and just kill em together . After that its just not stepping in the bombs and using a raid cd whn he does the blade spin

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    Wth? u don't need special comps to kill this boss. Are you talking normal or heroic?

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