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    One world first, cool story bro. Must mean they are the best guild ever.


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    So far 2 thread saying paragon is best in the header has been locked, yet the 2 with BL on the headline is open yet they all contain just as much 10v25, paragon vs BL bashing....funny that...

    Anyways, my personal opinion is that in this tire paragon did better, why? Because they have no other guild even close progresswise on 10man, aka more bosses where harder on 10man then on 25man, and no dont go blind and think I think 10 is harder period. That is a stupid statment as some fights are harderd on 25man as well giving 10man the advantage and vice versa, yet right now for this tire 10man looks harder.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ixuzcc View Post
    Winning the Superbowl kinda makes you the champion for a year.

    In this scenario though, they're only Superbowl champions for about two weeks, but still, it counts.
    The ''Superbowl'' is Sha of Fear,not Empress

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    No,they aren't.
    They got World First thanks to the 1 day headstart.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Christan View Post
    legion implies multiple people, as does a guild name, 'is' is not proper when plural
    "They is the best raiding guild in wow"
    "They are the best raiding guild in wow"
    "BL is the best raiding guild in wow"
    "BL are the best raiding guild in wow"
    so on...
    while they may not be the best overall, currently the best is what people always argue about.
    that they are the best right now, has brought up discussions of previous tiers?
    and it remains to be seen, they are the best for HoF, not MV, and those are the same tier.

    TES will be the tie breaker whether they are the best this tier.

    also for that guy who keeps mentioning method (what is a method?) <-sarcasm ofc.
    Method was not first for MV, no use commenting on them here, and if you meant overall even previous tiers.
    they were not the best there either.
    hence the (who are they) comment.
    For things like groups with a name(sports teams, guilds, companies), "is" is actually correct as well.

    And the reason he mentions Method is that they got the World First WotE25H kill, which puts them above Blood Legion in MSV.

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    Blood Legion have 1 of 2 End bosses released so far. Sha of Fear is the deciding factor.
    Gz for them killing Empress first, its a world first. But using the Superbowl/sports idea, BL kill means the won the group stages of a tournament, really means jack all they still need to reach andwin the Final, aka Sha ofFear

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ituhippi View Post
    One world first, cool story bro. Must mean they are the best guild ever.

    agreed. one world first

    its almost nothing when others have it every xpack LOL @ BL.

    Of cours grats to them, but their leader is so big "training dummy"... ;p He showed himself enough in movie...

    For me Paragon and Ensidia are still on top.

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    paragon still number one so thread is pointless, if eu and us was released on the same day paragon would of got the kill first as the US have 24 hours head start and paragon got their kill within 14 hours of BL. Its technically a world first but in reality with the head start it wasn't. Raiding isnt even hard anyway its all about practice and time combined with knowledge of class and fight mechanics, if you do something over and over anyone can be a good raider.

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    Do not make a thread claiming a guild is better than all others, you are going to bring a flamewar...
    "You face not the Mod Hammer alone, but the infractions I command."

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