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    Heart of the Wild Question

    Hey Druids,

    I'm looking at getting my PVP weapon and I'm a little bit stuck. Everyone I've looked at goes for the mainhand/offhand for the following reasons:

    1. Faster weapon swing speed (hitting totems etc)
    2. Offhand enchant means more total intellect

    Now, my question is, does 1h/oh reduce the damage done in cat form and damage done in cat form while Heart of the Wild is up?

    I use Heart of the Wild -a lot- in 2s / 3s for scoring kills and helping out on damage, and if the damage is reduced using a 1h/oh then i'd rather take a drop of 100 int for the extra burst.

    Thanks. x

    Mainhand = Malevolent Gladiator's Gavel
    Offhand = Malevolent Gladiator's Reprieve

    Staff = Malevolent Gladiator's Energy Staff

    Stat Difference:
    From MH/OH to Staff:
    +21 Stamina
    -151 Intellect (including enchant)
    +283 Spirit
    -274 Crit (some of that could've been reforged to spirit on the MH)

    So you can see, a drop in crit and int, but a gain in spirit going from MH/OH to 2h.
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    Don't most do a weapon swap to a agility weapon when they HotW into feral?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bigzumzah View Post
    Don't most do a weapon swap to a agility weapon when they HotW into feral?
    Not in PvP, unless you can afford 2 PvP-weapons.

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    Yes , 1h+oh gives lessed dmg output in cat form than Staff.

    Staff is my choice because of this (and looks good)

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    With the nerf to agi scaling for non feral when using HoTW, I thought it was better for resto to just stick with SP weapon and moonfire+wrath spam.

    For boomkin using HoTW, yeah i'd prolly swap to an agi staff.

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