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    Ele Shaman asking for tips on Will of Emperor 25m

    I'm having a hard time doing a high dps in this fight. my CL hardly bounce because of those adds are hardly clumped up. its also stressed me out to see a low dps that i dealt when i go single target. i got a task to deal with the Rages most of the time. so any tips how to deal with it?

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    On 25 man you will notice that there will be one that spawns directly behind another, cast CL on the front one, it will at least hit 2, if not 3 depending on who they are fixated on. Other than that it depends on what you are using to slow / position the rages. If you have a dk to aoe grip to one spot, that will make things much easier for you. Nearing toxic phase, you should have quite a bit to chain off of with strengths up and new sets of rages popping.

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