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    When will people stop dramatizing 10 man vs 25 man

    I am getting tired of seeing nothing but 10 man vs 25 man (Read: Paragon vs everyone else) and no I'm not a Euro fanboy I am in the US and I'm telling people it doesn't matter. 25 man fanboys are butthurt that 10 man guild is ahead and the 10 man fanboys are just feeding the trolls.
    I'd also like to iterate that everyone on the forums that is arguing over who got world first does not belong in a top 5 raiding guild, and will never be in a top 5 raiding guild, and the competition in the top 5 raiding had no effect on your life (Ok, maybe some people are losing sleep over it, I'm certainly not)

    TLDR: Some fights are harder on 10 man, some fights are harder on 25 man. Some fights are the same. Get over it.
    TLDR(2): If you aren't in Paragon or Blood Legion, stfu
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    You just did.

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    When the world is void of all human life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaskEd View Post
    You just did.
    This. When people like you stop bringing it up, whining op other people whining is even worse.

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    When blizzard makes everyone raid as 15 man

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    when they get rid of raids and implement more 5mans

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    This is a secret :o
    When one of the 2 following things happen I guess:
    A) Wow is over.
    B) Blizzard makes it one raid size (15 man).
    None of this will happen anytime soon.

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    it'll happen again if they go the 15man route, asking for like 12 or 8, might as well get rid of raids, no one likes them because they hate talking to other people

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    when people stop making these stupid threads

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    Never ever when the 25man will be fixed (if ever) the bitching will start again from the 10 man players

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    Ah come on you make these threads to tell people to stop you just add to the problem, not the solution.
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