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    looking forward to Mel'jarak talentwise (enhance).

    I was looking at Mel's journal entry and Fatboss guides, getting the feeling that mainly heavy AoE on the boss is needed; so would Elemental Blast work well with mass-Fire Nova and Chain lightnings. As UF doesn't give much to the AoE and Primal Elementalist only gives the small AoE to the Elemental.
    So, if EB gives either Mastery or Crit boost, it would work with Nova and Chain?

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    I would think that Sticking with our normal setup is going to be best because at least 50% of the fight is single target so going to EB is going to cause a major dps loss in theory because you are

    1) not familiar with it
    2) its lower dps on single target..

    Granted it could prove to be a major dps increase on the aoe.. part but I dont think it's gonna be enough to compensate for what you might lose in phase two..

    this is just my own theory.. just an outsiders POV

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    The one saving grace of enhancement AOE is that we can pretty much keep up our normal rotation, just adding in fire nova on cooldown and using chain lightning instead of lightning bolt. Because of this you should just use whatever current setup you have.

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