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    [A] Light - Argent Dawn Realm - New 10 Man Raiding Guild Looking For Raiders!

    Hi there!

    About us:

    Light was formed by me and my girlfriend about a week ago and we plan on making this a progressive raiding guild once we get some raiders to start! We formed the guild as our previous one didn't work out and raids were not happening, so we left with a few others to form our own! We are not level 25, but we are level'ing up pretty fast and the more members we get, the faster those levels will come! This won't hinder the raid group to much

    As a new guild we have no progress to show! But we are looking for players who have atleast done MSV, or at least know the tactics for them!

    We are bunch of good friends looking to progressively raid and are in-need of more raiders to join us to start!

    Our raid days will be:

    Wednesdays - 8.30pm - 11pm
    Sundays - 8pm - 10pm
    Mondays - 8.30pm - 11pm

    All times given are realm times! The days/times could change slightly, but that probably won't be the case for the time being!

    We are currently looking for:

    1 Tank - Pally, Monk, Guardian or Warrior
    1 Healer (with DPS off-spec) - Monk, Paladin or Shaman > Any other class
    1 Melee DPS - Feral Druid, DK, Paladin or Rogue
    Caster DPS'ers - Any Class

    All classes can still apply, but we are mostly interested in the classes said above!

    We plan on making a 10man team where there's little rotation between raids, however, we will need players that will be interested in raiding if others can't make the raids to keep the raiding alive, so any class/role are free to apply for these spots! You won't be expected to raid, however, would be able to raid on some of the days/times if possible!

    - - - - - -

    We would also love to have friendly players join our guild to keep it alive, fun and make it a nice home to stay. We do dungeons, achievements, competitions, quests and level alts together! This guild will be great for all alts and beginners who want to level up, making it a fun experience up to level 90. If your interested in raiding when you reach level 90, you could apply for a raid spot then also - be it for the core raid team or as a substitute for when others can't make it.

    Being a new guild, we can't offer all the guild perks most can unfortunately, however, with all the help we have, we should level up nice and quickly, and with your help, it would be even faster

    All alts, beginners and mains are more then welcome to join as social members! If you want to join our guild as a social member, just message anyone within the guild to invite. If your interested in a raiding spot, add my battle.net tag - #Max22944 and you can message me in-game, if not, you can post here too and leave your battle.net tag and I'll get back to you with an answer asap! If you would like more info on the guild or interested in joining, just message me in-game on "Intense" or post here too!

    Hope to see some of you soon!
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