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    <Prime> 3 days/week, casual-hardcore.

    About Us

    Prime is a new 10-man guild located on Outland EU. Our aim is to clear all heroic mode content without resorting to a 'dawn till dusk' schedule.

    Our Schedule

    We raid Wednesday, Sunday and Monday from 20:00 to 24:00.
    Outside of raids you are expected to have enough time to prepare for them adequately.

    What we need from you:

    -100% attendance excusing unusual and infrequent circumstances.
    -Motivation to clear heroic modes. We will wipe. If you burn out after 2 weeks of wiping, heroic modes are not for you.
    -Motivation to be constantly trying to improve by researching your class, the content and anything else that can give you an edge. We don't want you if you're content with being mediocre or average.
    -Matureness. You don't need to be politically correct or best friends with every scrub you meet, but our aim is to always be raiding in a calm and friendly atmosphere. If you repeatedly whine and have a hostile attitude towards other members, we aren't interested. Ultimately you need to contribute to a positive atmosphere where we can strike a good balance between fun raiding and efficient raiding.

    What you get from us:

    -A dedicated leadership committed to clearing heroic modes in a timely fashion despite our casual schedule.
    -Part of the core. You won't feel like an outsider, we aren't a group of 8 friends that need 2 more people to make up the numbers. If we recruit you then we want you to be involved in as much as possible.
    -If you're interested in activities outside of raid hours such as challenge modes, alt runs, and so on, it's likely that there's someone else who will want to set it up or join with you.

    Currently Recruiting:

    At this stage your class doesn't matter too much providing you fit the other criteria. Ideally however, a potential recruit would be comfortable playing all specs of their class in order for us to keep a tight roster.

    For more information head over to www.primeguild.co.uk
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