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    [A] Apathy 2/6H MSV 5/6N HoF Weekend Only, Guild.

    Auchindoun EU.

    Apathy, Weekend Raiding Guild.

    Looking For ALL Classes.

    About us
    Apathy was started by an experienced group of friends who previously raided classic WoW to present in guilds such as Method, Infamous and Union, and have now come together to create a high quality raiding environment, a guild that raids only 2 days per week, giving you enough time for your real life comitments, whilst still acomplishing heroic content at a very reasonable rate.

    What we require
    In order for us to make the most of a 2 day raiding guild, we will innevitably require extremely high quality players, you should know your class inside out and be able to play your character to its fullest potential, DPS, survivability, team work and innitiative all comes into the equation here.

    You must also be able to take blunt, direct criticism, if you are messing up, we WILL tell you.

    100% Raid attendance (server times)
    Saturday 16.00 to 20.00
    Sunday 10am to 13.00

    You must have ventrilo and a working microphone.

    You must have a stable internet connection and computer, if you have a history of frequent issues with any of these, fix these before you think about applying.

    You need to be able to listen and talk on ventrilo, communication within the guild needs to be high, if you have a question or are unsure about something then you must voice your concerns.

    You need to be a decent person who has the maturity to handle the guild and its members, no screaming on ventrilo and no moaning when you don't get your own way.

    If you wish to you can contact either Mavz, Nezek, or Highoflife.

    Many Thanks

    Team Apathy.

    Apps to our website -

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