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    New idea: adaptable monster play choices for solo quests

    Ok, so I play Diablo 3 and patch 1.05 introduced a fantastic new quest mechanic in that game.

    Monster Play (MP).

    It goes like this: the player chooses the difficulty of the mobs from 0 to 10 and has to search for keys that makes him a machine to search for Elite mobs to create an awesome Ring with random stats ...

    The bigger the MP, the more chance of getting a key drop : MP1=10%, MP3=30% etc...

    Once you get all keys you need to slay 3 different kinds of bosses that drop organs to create the Ring. Also same mechanic: MP defines the chance of the organs drop.

    Why including this mechanic in WoW?

    - Challenging solo play that can be changed in ... 11 different mob difficulties.
    - Excellent long term investment for solo players.
    - random Rings means several hunts needed before creating the "one and only Ring"
    - extra choice of playing options for the solo player.

    IMPORTANT: phasing could be used to change the mob difficulty options MP1-10

    My motivation: add MUCH needed challenge to solo play in WoW.

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    Errm, MP stands for Monster Power, not Play...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabloem View Post
    Errm, MP stands for Monster Power, not Play...
    You are so correct.

    I was typing this on my IPad and had a rough day, so yeay, my bad.

    But i hope you get the idea...

    Also this mechanic would be great for those daily quests. I think more challenge in that MP play would be fun for daily quests too ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kabloem View Post
    Errm, MP stands for Monster Power, not Play...
    A very constructive and useful post!

    OT: I like the idea of something gives you the option to choose game play difficulty and the option to obtain good gear (lets say IFR ilvl eqiuv). This would be a good addition to the game as it allows more things to do, but i can see a few things that will go wrong
    1. People are gonna go apeshit on killing everything to get all the gear available immediately, then get bored with this and hate it (RE: dailies)
    2. It will be too easy to obtain good gear, meaning either MP would get buffed causing a lot of players to not bother (Challenge Modes), or it will easy and the gear won't be that good, once again causing people not to bother.

    If Blizzard can find a good middle ground, then this good be a really good idea.

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    Something similar could come along with the "Proving Grounds" scenario they have planned. Increments of difficulty through a stacking buff that you set at the start for increased rewards!
    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0H3-N9zoI5c Amazing video of 60+ devilsaurs raiding Undercity!

    My God, what a horrible creation. People seeing what they want? Thank God they tried to shy away from that. I know it pisses me off when I'm in an heroic raid, yet in the back of my head all I can think is 'some casual player is playing a heroic dungeon and not wiping.' -Vodkarn

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