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    This comes from someone who hates BL.

    BL got the world first kill on the last boss in HoF heroic mode. But they're not "the best guild in the world" as many fanboys of them as much would like to say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djouga View Post
    Nah, this is all I can see when I check the top ranks.

    That is based on MsV and HoF together. This doesn't take away the fact that Blood Legion got world first.

    People need to learn the differences...

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    Well let's hold up for like a year or two, cause China gets the expacs a little later than the rest of us - and we should wait and see who downs what how quickly and then years after the content is gone and forgotten we can decide who actually got world first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Daetur View Post
    As far as I know, with Vizier being overtuned and unkillable until the hotfix, the guilds who did not skip him to work towards 6/6H essentially "started" the race at the same time, since they'd previously been wasting time. This particular race is a little different, as a result, and everyone started the 6/6H run at the "same" time, rather than the usual EU/US setup.

    This is why I never follow the World First races, though, aside from what I see on the front page. There's just so much posturing and shenanigans and "well, this guild did x" or "had x time to prepare" so it "doesn't count."
    But the fact remains that they still had 18 hours more to fool around with, testing, learning, preparing etc. Bliz should make it so that everyone can start at the same time.

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    If you ain't first you're last.

    -Ricky Bobby

    Grats Blood Legion.

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    Method beat Blood Legion to the first four Heroic bosses of HoF. You can't say that they managed to work hard enough to accomplish that with a "one day handicap" and then say that they had any less opportunity to kill Empress before Blood Legion did. It doesn't matter how long the guilds spend on a single fight, all that counts to the raiding community is what the UTC time is when the last boss dies.

    Besides, the race isn't even over until the Sha of Fear is dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodwulf View Post

    Blood Legion First...Deal with it. People can be upset all they want, but if you look at the actual facts, there was virtually no difference in amount of time US/EU had on bosses that were functioning as intended.
    The fact is that they had a 18 hour advantage.

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    none of these rankings matter, they are temporary, i dunno why people are so hung on these things. the only ranking that matters is 16/16, 6/16 and 12/16 are to a point irrelevant.

    its just like ICC 25 hc - a thread for each wing boss, then the only thing that mattered rankings wise was the LK kill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moradim View Post
    if I beat usain bolt in a race with a head start, that doesnt make me the best sprinter in the world.
    This, so much this.

    Gratz BL you won the gold medal in Paralympics.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ghostblade View Post
    dude... i'm EU myself. but with the high vizier bug both people were on the same time of killing. BL got it. Paragon or method could have also had it. but they did it.
    This. No one killed vizier until the hotfix went out, and so that means EU had just as much time as US to work on the other 5 bosses. BL wins.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Xista View Post
    You still passed the finish line before him.

    First is first.
    If you want to get technical, sure passing the finish line first is still first. The REASON you won (depending on how close he was behind you) was because you had a head start. Yea, I'm saying getting a head start isn't exactly an even race to start.

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    Europe has gotten content later since the beginning of wow. Isn't it time this excuse is done? Gratz Blood Legion, World First.

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    Quote Originally Posted by fyl View Post
    The fact is that they had a 18 hour advantage.

    And it took just at 18 hours for Method to get it after BL, so therefore advantage is moot. Blood Legion got it first.
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    US world first - "24 hour headstart"
    EU world first - "LOL 24 hour headstart!"

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    How are all the people saying method got world first ( they didn't) ignoring the fact that no one was killing shit until it got nerfed at the same time THEN guilds started killing bosses. So no Method did not get it first BL got more time to wipe on a boss not progress on it. Also it's my understanding that the time between US and EU raid's getting open'd is not 24 hours. So even if you ignore the fact that they started to actually kill bosses at the same time ( which you can't ) you then have to know the exact time things get released and the number of hours in between since there's a 18 hour difference in the kills. Also Paragon is still in first place overall.

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    There are too many fanboys wanting to give their favorite guild a spit shine and discredit others which makes this whole 'race' pathetic since any kind of excuse can be conjured up as to why someone else got it first or that the 'first' kill is somehow void due to whatever other issues on their checklist.

    I wonder what would happen if this was a 10m US guild instead of a 25m guild. I think the community would implode but damn would it be funny to read all the rage.
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    Heart of Fear Heroic Progress - Shek'zeer World 2nd 25m by Method

    Method is calling it world 2nd 25man.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moradim View Post
    there, people cant qq that paragon did it in 10

    method got 6/6h in less time, thus noone can dispute this as a legit world first
    You really don't know all the facts, first method was 3/6 before bl was 1/6... Since they weren't even raiding when Method was 1/6 since it was pointless. Secondly, the early attempts the US got were on an unkillable Zor'lok, which is why US and EU did not kill the boss until after the hotfix. US AND EU got the hotfixes for Zor'lok at the same time. Thus they had an equal amount of time on an hotfixed Zor'lok. And as I said Method had already killed Zorlok before BL stepped for in HoF after the hotfix. Since they were just smashing their head against the wall.

    BL won that's all there is to it. They cleared it faster.They had no advantage, in fact one could argue trying Zor'lok for 20+ hours when he wasn't killable could be a disadvantage. They were just simply better than Method this go.

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    Technically Method got the kill in a shorter amount of time, but Blood Legion did get the world first, no point arguing.

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    Locking... It would of been fine if it was a congrats thread... but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
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