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    WW monk vs frost mage

    Hi so ive been playing monk for a while now mostly pvp and i got full pvp set(no weps yet tho) and ive been dueling alot latley but when i fight frost mages its like a brick wall, like theyr 10 lvls above me. i feel like im doing everything right i keep em snared i karma theyr frost bomb+frostbolt in freezes i transendence RoF i force blinks and stun em after i save flying kick for blinks i tiger lust b4 they deep me i diffuse theyr frost bombs long story short i shut em down completely and theyr just running around spamming ice lance and ice barrier and just forcing all my CDs over a long fight untill i dont have any left then they just nova me frost bomb+frost bolt and a ice lance then im dead :/ from 100 to 0%. got any suggestions? (pretty much the same with spriests aswell they fear chain me and heal of all the dmg i do while im feared)

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    A mage only needs to survive for about 30 seconds to ensure they get a frost bomb deep freeze combo off on you after they've made sure you've blown all your defensive cds and trinket. And that's damn easy to do as a frost mage. And once that happens you're dead.
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    well...i know that i was wondering if u had some soulutions

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    Quote Originally Posted by spelle View Post
    well...i know that i was wondering if u had some soulutions
    No. I play mage, there is no solution ;-)
    The game is not balanced (not even close)and if it is, its for teams (3v3, 5v5), not for 1v1

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    Instead ToK-ing bomb nukes, rather use dampen magic, or whatever that reflect spell is called.

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    well i do that too usually for the 2nd one

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    There's not much you can do really. Frost mages are a tough opponent to fight for monks. Even if you managed to get them low, they can just freeze you in place and evo for a good chunk of their HP. Like Otyknip said, PvP isn't balanced around 1v1. You have to accept that, you as a competent player will not win against a competent frost mage.

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