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    Anivia tips?

    So I decided instead of going right ahead and buying some random champ I won't like, I'd try out all the free ones first and tbh I've fallen in love with anivia, the W combined with R can change team-fights in such a way it's silly. I've been playing blind games with anivia mid, the only issue I'm having is being extremely mana starved until late-game. It's that bad I rush to get a tear + grail before spell pen boots which I'm finding rather sad.

    I was wondering if any people experienced with her could give me some tips to conserve mana or keep it up a bit more? (bearing in mind I am pretty new to the game ^^)

    Thanks for any help

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    Steal blue from your jungler, archangel's rod, mp5 runes.

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    Well other than playing 21/0/9 and goin the itembuild you already mentioned there isnt anything else. You can boot the tear for a catalyst into an early RoA but thats probably a personal preference. I guess it mostly comes down to experience and mana management but keep in mind that you are very dependant on your blue buff for wave clearing.

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    Sadly I'm only level 12, not many masteries + saving IP for runes at 20, when should I aim for blue buff? I don't think I would be able to kill it on my own.

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    If you are only level 12 then don't worry, just work on your last hit with her auto attack and try to get blue since you won't have a jungler either.
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    Okay thanks c: i'm just trying to get better before I hit 30, only up until recently I could play yi then I expanded into annie now into anivia, I tried playing draft games and got told I'm a noob and need to learn to play more champions and roles before doing them so

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    Because you are lvl 12 you can't spec in to the expanded mind and mana regen mastery which helps more then you think.
    I would not build tear on anvia and get a chalice instead. Tear takes to long to charge up on anvia and athene's is better. Anivia is also very blue buff dependant which kinda sucks when you are lvl 12 because you prob wont have a jungler.

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    Quick tip on anivia. Turn off the ult when it isn't doing anything anymore. It drains your mana REALLY fast if you leave it on.

    Also, learn to use crystalize in places where it doesn't prevent your team from advancing on a fleeing enemy. Can't tell you how many Anivias I've played with that tried to catch a guy at her max range, and instead cut ALL of her team off.

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    Since you're level 12 I'd say try other champions with new rotation, Anivia is amazing but hard especially without runes/masteries.
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    Press E-R and deal 50% of their hp without landing single skillshot. Hard.

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    The main thing you can do is get a chalice of harmony, then upgrade it to Athene's unholy grail. That should solve, or somewhat alleviate your mana problems. Rod of Ages is also another option. Both are quite strong, and both are quite common builds.

    Though you mention rushing tear and grail. I would go for one of the other. If you get both, you end up with a ton of mana and a good chunk of mana regen, but very little AP. Anivia has some really high base damages, but you do need to get some ability power before you can really start to destroy people.

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    I prefer grail over tear when playing Anivia. Gives you some MR to survive in lane since Anivia is fairly squishy. Mana regen seals and masteries are huge though and you should be asking for blue buff if there is a jungler. At 30 it will get much better for you.

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    when i first played anivia i keep forgeting to press R again and drains my mana without even noticng T.T

    get chalice first its really good item, better than tears imo in oceanic now Lol

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    Froggen /10char

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    Quote Originally Posted by FoShizzleMyGrizzle View Post
    Froggen /10char
    Too bad his anivia is 100% banned lol.

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    And then you wall your entire team in Jarvan's ulti. Yes, hard.

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    Having a bit of fun with amumu never tried jungling before, I start in jungle then just roam around helping to gank, he's pretty fun and in long lasting games getting up to like 5k hp with a ton of resists is pretty fun

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    Practice your Q, learn its speed and its range by heart. After that, you have to try and predict your enemy's movement, follow their movement closely for the first part of laning, see what their patterns usually are when they try to avoid stuff, or when they cs. When you become level 3, try to land a Q-E combo and you will be able to play a bit more aggressively from there, but from level 1-6 it's pretty much defensive mode. When you hit level 6, try to get as many E-R combos (walking into range of the enemy to land the E and immediately putting down R under them to get the double damage from the E) in as possible, without risking being ganked or being cc'd/bursted by your opponent. A good idea is to save your Q for when the target is slowed by your R as it makes it harder for them to avoid.

    For items, I always start boots+pots, rush catalyst, then get chalice, farm until I have RoA and then get boots upgraded. Then it's pretty much dependant on how the game is going, who I am against and with, etc. etc. Items I almost always have are Athene's, Deathcap & Zhonia's (on top of RoA/Boots) and then it varies between WoA, Abyss & Void Staff.

    Also, wards, buy em, ward either south or north river and stick to the side you warded, while it's hard to gank an anivia when the person playing is able to land a proper stun/wall, it's not impossible, and you're very squishy. But do not forget about your passive! It is the master baiting passive. So many people, and especially at your level, will become incredibly greedy if they see you on low HP and they forget, or they're unaware, of your passive. Use it. Bait with it. Make them think you're an easy kill and surprise them with a team mate jumping out from a bush. Force them to try and turret dive, but be ready with a stun.

    In team fights, stick to the back of the mess and throw out good walls, locking them out or trapping an out of position enemy in. You're basically reshaping the map with this wall, it is incredibly strong, especially in the jungle. Throw out some stuns, and have your ult running in the middle of the enemies so you can throw your E's at whoever. If they start focusing you, think ahead and use Zhonia's when you expect the most amount of damage or cc or ults to land on you, then turn around and melt them.

    Other than this, just go into custom games and learn how to CS with her. Her basic attacks are weird, the animation and the speed, and it takes a lot of practice to learn it, hell, after 2 years of playing her day and night I still sometimes miscalculate on her.

    Good luck, practice makes perfect and a perfect Anivia is scary as fuck.
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    My only recommendation that hasn't been emphasized already is play Anivia only in games where you have a jungler. You can add me in game as JollyLady and I would be more than happy to play a game with you and play a non-mana jungler so I can feed you the blue buff and eat an early dps loss. Honestly, playing her without someone feeding you blue buff is less than optimal, and playing her pre summoner level 30 is going to be rough since she is so mana hungry.

    As others have said I would recommend rushing a chalice, catalyst, boots, grail if ahead, catalyst if behind. But practicing with a jungler would give you the experience for a level 30 game, even if we play custom v. ai it'll help with blue buff management as well as you memorizing speed and range of your abilities. I'm recommending custom v. ai since being level 30 I'd rather not have you play with people with full masteries and runes since the odds are so slated against you and while you would learn quicker and be far more capable it would be extremely frustrating until you have her basics mastered.

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