View Poll Results: Which 2 primary professions have you leveled to max on your main character?

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  • Alchemy

    53 29.28%
  • Blacksmithing

    34 18.78%
  • Enchanting

    53 29.28%
  • Engineering

    61 33.70%
  • Inscription

    27 14.92%
  • Jewelcrafting

    48 26.52%
  • Leatherworking

    34 18.78%
  • Tailoring

    29 16.02%
  • Herbalism

    15 8.29%
  • Mining

    31 17.13%
  • Skinning

    15 8.29%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Which 2 primary professions have you leveled to max on your main character?

    General poll, want to see which professions seem to be most popular now. Feel free to discuss which professions are your favorite and why. Will say imo, engineering is very fun, but lacks in ways to make gold.
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    Engineering plus mining because engineerings gadgets and stuff is swwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeettttttttttttttttttttt
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    LW / Inscription

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    mining+ blacksmithing BIG MONEY is my goal

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    had BS/jc on my current main since cata, where I originally lvled it to twink in the 70 bracket Ended up going 85 and playing it as main so the proffs kinda stuck. My "Main alt" got mining/engi tho, DAMN what fun engi can give!
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    BS + LW. Can make my own gear and BS gives more blingbling

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    tank warrior : engi + alchi ( going to drop alchi for BS )
    tank dk : engi + BS
    rogue : engi + enchanting
    heal monk : herba + mining ( farm char and lfr fun char )
    yeah i love engi.. ! engi since classic and proud of it

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    My Shaman, which had been my main since I started playing, had several different professions maxed throughout BC, including Mining, Engineering, Alchemy and Leatherworking. I finally settled on Jewelcrafting and Enchanting right before the launch of Wrath and have kept with them ever since, and I will probably never switch after all the effort I have gone through to get nearly all the enchants and JC patterns (just missing Blade Ward and the JC patterns from Sunwell trash at this point).

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    Recently changed mains have scribe/tailoring on the lock, "old" main has BS/JC

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    LW and Alchemy on my monk.
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    Leatherworker and Skinner on my hunnter, fit the class, and i was able to make my own gear, and stuff in mop i made to lvl it was sent to my shaman to disenchant, was great, my shsman is my 2nd main, and had both tailoring and enchanting lvled to maxx before leaving for pandaria
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    Yea I also have a druid, has tailoring and leatherworking maxxed, but my monk is my new main lol

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    My main has been a LW since vanilla and a BS since TBC (it was the only way for enhance to get a weapon). Glad I've stuck with them, have a lot of old patterns etc, even if another proff slightly edges ahead I'll keep those two forever now.

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    Engineering and Mining on my monk, just because I didn't feel like spending a bunch of gold on Engineering again. My druid has Alchemy and Engineering, and if I change mains(or maybe just get an alt to 90), I'll probably drop one of its professions and get that one Engineering as well.

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    Engineering/BS for PVE DPS min/max.

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    Engineering/Alchemy. Like the utility that engineering provides and the extra flask duration of Alchemy. I won't ever change them because I've spend considerable time to grind recipies for these professions and am mostly missing pre BC BoE world drops.

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    Tank DK, BS/JC.

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    Playing a Boomkin Druid in both PvP and PvE, got Enchanting and Engineering at max.

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    Engineering and Mining.

    Engineering has to be by far the most enjoyable profession for me...I love all the tinkers, portals, and other fun stuffs you can make c:

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    tailoring and enchanting on my priest

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