View Poll Results: Which 2 primary professions have you leveled to max on your main character?

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  • Alchemy

    53 29.28%
  • Blacksmithing

    34 18.78%
  • Enchanting

    53 29.28%
  • Engineering

    61 33.70%
  • Inscription

    27 14.92%
  • Jewelcrafting

    48 26.52%
  • Leatherworking

    34 18.78%
  • Tailoring

    29 16.02%
  • Herbalism

    15 8.29%
  • Mining

    31 17.13%
  • Skinning

    15 8.29%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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    Blacksmithing/Jewelcrafting on my Brewmaster Monk. The most flexible pairing, you can use it for all 3 roles and even use it for secondary stats as well, whereas other professions are generally more rigid and can only provide primary stats.

    Which means it works out pretty well as a Brewmaster, as we gem for haste.

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    Ench/JC on my main, but i also got 600 in all proffs on my other alts :P "Master of All"

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    Quote Originally Posted by ares1023 View Post
    General poll, want to see which professions seem to be most popular now.
    I've got alchemy and enchanting. Had those on my main since Vanilla, so not sure if it's representative for "what is popular now", just what I've always had and levelled to the max.
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    Only Mining & Jewelcrafting in this expansion. I was disappointed how common all the ore veins were and how there's way too much supply in the AH of gems and ore, just try to make some money with these professions.

    In general I've leveled Tailoring the most to max level (525 or less) on some 4-5 characters already.

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    Started with Tailoring and Enchanting, got enough scrolls for the entire expac, then switched to Engineering :P

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    All of my characters have mining. I used to have engineering as my second on all of them, but I have absolutely no patience for crafting professions so I dropped it.

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    per mop my mains proffs was jc and inscription but i switched mains in mop so his profs are herb and alch

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    Engineering and alchemy. Mostly because when I first made my dk in wotlk I had always wanted an engineer because it was highly praised and alchemy because my buddy told me I could make gold with it. Overall I've been pretty happy though I would like to drop one for BS some day.
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    Enchanting, it's too annoying to forever run dungeons to gather mats on an alt.

    I don't feel strongly about the second, but I went alchemy because my guild didn't have an alchemist in the raid group.

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    Alchemy/Tailoring (spriest main)

    have leveled all but BS/LW/Skinning to max though.

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    I have everything but Enchanting leveled to max. Really uh... really probably should get on that enchanting. Ayup.

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    I have everything but Jewelcrafting max. I just never seemed to be able to lvl my toons that I put jewel crafting on.

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    Tailoring and Enchanting.

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    Started with JC/mining at the start of expac, but dropped mining for BS by the end of the first week.

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    Ret Pala, Engi + JC.

    Dropping JC for BS when I get around to farming some of the vastly overpriced ores with a mining mule.
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    Engineering and Inscription on my tank warr.

    Never chose any of them for "buffs" but they're both great. Sure, the only thing engi gives me for raids is a glove enchant and an epic helm of ilvl 476. But it has jeeves and mailbox n shit that's really useful for raiding imo.

    Inscription i took cause i've never had it. And i get free, awesome shoulder enchants + i make ALOT of money with it.
    I've made around 40k this expansion using inscription, and i haven't farmed ever. I might have bought 10 stacks of herbs once in a while to get materials, and that was enough to earn my cash. Love that profession.
    I could never bother with creating glyphs and stuff, i'm too lazy for that, that's why i love the profession, you can make money without burning yourself out! =)

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    Engineering and alchemy on my hunter main

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