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    Angry Throw a real player away, save the bot.

    I know what i did where naming a botter on the forum, i shamed him because botting and hacking is not an act of fair-play.

    (cant post vids)
    [link removed] (Prof of the botting and hacking)
    [link removed] (Botters armory)
    Sorry if naming/shaming is not allowed here too, ban this account too, im not going to make other posts anyway.

    Im not mad that i got a forum ban for crossing the rules, im mad because they punish me, but they do not punish the hacker/botter.
    If blizzard would rather punish the people that fight for a good community than the "players" that destorys it, then i will have nothing to do with them.

    I have ofcause ended my 5 and a half year long sub now, i did never think i should be one of the players that said good bye to world of warcraft, nor did i think i would write a thread when i did.


    Bot > Human.
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    What are you trying to say I can't even tell?

    If you're talking about their forums, blizzard forum mods are idiots. Ignore their forums like the plague.

    I got permabanned for posting a screenshot of them giving me a refund for Diablo 3 and encouraging others to do the same.
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    You're right, naming and shaming isn't allowed here either.

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