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    As an over geared player (I got T2 last week), I'm completely aganist this change. I'm already god mode in bgs and strong in arena. With the new changes I will simply global people who just hit 90 or are playing on alts. There is no chance for them to catch up in gear till next season. Current pvpers who are a week or two behind me won't be able to catch up for a longer period of time. With more gear I'll get more rating, which leads to more gear. At this rate lower geared players won't be able to catch me in rating even if they play better than me. They won't have a lvl playing field till next season.
    And why should they, as u mentioned u already got ur T2 weapon and still i see ppl demand to catch up with u in pvp?So u all want in like 3 weeks to be equally geared with som1 that is pvping since the begin of the expc?I totally disagree,u can just ask for free pvp gear when its actually free and 2nd u cant ask for equal gear with ppl that are pros in pvp.Why dont u ask for a chance to have equal gear with ppl that are raid profesionals?Jesus wow is free to upgrade atm and still ppl want less time for it.Go back to Vanilla and we will see if u will ask for "catch up" back then

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    asking for equal gear in a pvp environment is completely different... You dont face up with your pve "opponents" in the same way as pvp. I you are undergeared in pve, you are still able to gert things done, something that is not the case in pvp. They could possibly split BGs up so that low geared players only face low geared players andso on? maybe a 10-ilvl difference?

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