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    Quick question about gearing

    I feel like this has probably been asked somewhere but I can't find it.

    I have done no PvP since MoP launched and am looking to get into it now that my rep grinds are done and I don't have any PvE upgrades outside of raids.

    I'm currently sitting at 482 iLvl PvE gear, a mixture of 476/489 items.

    What I'm wondering is: Should I be buying and using the 458 Honor gear in place of any of my current items, or will I perform better with my current higher iLvl PvE gear while grinding conq points for the better PvP gear? If it makes a difference, I'm playing a WW Monk, and am a human so I don't think I need the anti-CC trinket.

    I assume my 489 items will beat 458 PvP gear, but can the same be said for the 476 ones? A

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    Pvp power & resi is better than pve stats - they are free stats too and dont count towards ilvl so in total should make up for agility loss. Also you can gem your pvp gear with power and resi in mind.

    So I'd say get / grind out all the honor gear while you start collecting the conquest gear - also get 2 pvp trinkets for the power & resi on them just not the one that removes CC since you are human after all.
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    Only thing where I can think a PvE piece is better than PVP one is when the item lvl is a lot of higher(heroic prolly) and it offers more sockets. Even then you could prolly just use one piece max.

    Oh and, casters could use PvE off hands. For some reason all the PvP power is in the main-hand weapon instead of being split between MH and OH. 496+ ilvl PvE off-hand should beat the 470 ilvl Malevolent one anytime. You'll only lose ~1.5% PvP resileince but gain huge amount of offensive stats.

    Edit: Melee's could also use PvE off-hands because PvP power is unique in weapons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Friyn View Post

    Edit: Melee's could also use PvE off-hands because PvP power is unique in weapons.
    Afaik it's only unique on 2h weapons.

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    get conq cap play bgs , get gear in 1/2 days

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