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    Paladin type class in most fantasy games/settings. However, in D&D 3.5 it would be Fighter over Paladin due to having more perks.
    When it comes to fantasy, I'm at the extremes of loving my "Evil" Wizards, locks, necros (love summoning pets and applying debuffs) and Light worshiping Paladins/Crusaders (usually the very hard to kill class). I honestly don't know why.
    Paladins are not always "Light worshipping", they are rather defenders of some idea/ideal. So it is not like they are on opposite side of warlocks/necros :P

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    Not exactly a "class," but I had the most fun with my Bow / Life / Melee D spec archer in Asheron's Call.
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    world of warcraft rogue probably my fave

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    Swtor: Operative. Melee / off heals.
    WoW: Enh shaman. Melee / off heals / support
    Rift: Bard. range / off heals / support
    AoC: Bearshaman. Melee/ off heals / support

    Pretty much, if I can kill something, buff people, and heal all at the same time? I am set. I love classes that can do it all. Love hybrids. Even feral druid with insta heals is pretty fun. But its clunky with the shifting. Not as awesome as cataenh shaman. (esp with that hax enh resto spec)
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    In WoW, it's the Monk. How I played this game without the Monk before MoP I will never understand.

    In SWTOR, I had a ton of fun with the Jedi Knight (ACed into Guardian). Thematically they were brilliant, the gear was perfect, all their abilities just worked and flowed, the lightsaber 'bzzz, swoosh' noises...

    It was a TON of fun. It was very engaging and entertaining. WoW's Monk is built better (SWTOR had a clunky UI and I struggled to hotkey everything on a Jedi Knight), but I felt truly awesome when levelling my Jedi.

    I also enjoyed Bounty Hunters, Imperial Operatives, and Smugglers. In general, as far as atmosphere/class theme goes, SWTOR wins hands down.

    But for strict gameplay? Yeah, WoW wins.

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    In no particular order:
    1. CoH: Blaster (Ice/Ice) - My absolute favorite character of any MMO. Glass canon with just enough control to keep things spicy.
    2. LotRO: Loremaster - Such a huge variety of abilities and tons of little tricks to play with for a variety of situations.
    3. WAR: Goblin Shaman - The only class where I have enjoyed playing a healer. I really enjoyed the ebb and flow to them, and had a blast with them in PvP. Couple this with being a Goblin and it's all win.
    4. TERA: Warrior - I really liked playing the warrior and taking on BAMs. I think I enjoyed the maneuverability of the class the most.
    5. Rift: Saboteur - While a fairly straightforward class, I had a ton of fun with it. Very powerful solo class that offered great control and burst for a group. Can't say how they are today, as I haven't played Rift since a month after launch.
    6. WoW: Warrior (pre-LK) - The only class in any MMO where I enjoyed Tanking. I had a ton of fun going through BC with my Prot War, but I really disliked the changes that they made for LK (coupled with LKs ezmod dungeons).
    7. EQ: Necromancer - For the short stint that I played EQ, I enjoyed the Necromancer the most, probably due to the extra challenge (was a DElf)

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    Havent seen any DAoC love yet so guess I will add my favorites from that game.

    Staff Friar: 50 staff, 50 Enhancements, rest rejuv. PvE Solo machine. Self heals out the ass could solo raid mobs all day long. Sucked in RvR though
    Vampiir: So cheesey it was hilarious. Basically the frost mage of the game. When they first came out you could kill pretty much everyone with 1 button claw spam.
    Bone Dancer: Full Bone Army. Again so much cheese. Just send pets after people, put both your DoTs on them and collect realm points.

    Also I know Ultima Online didnt have classes but my favorite was my PKer:
    GM magery
    GM resist spells
    GM swords
    GM tactics
    GM evaluate intel
    GM hiding
    GM meditation

    combined with the fact that this was in 1998 when no one had high speed internet and i was in college with a t-3 connection I killed pretty much everyone before they could overcome lag and do anything.

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    Support/buffer melee class, i made like 4 conquerors in Age of Conan.

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